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At Homy, we aims to bring real values through our principles combining it with today’s modern marketing and our human touches to fulfill property goals and dreams of every client.

Homy was designed with Home owners interest in mind. Today’s market requires depth, normal post ad marketing is simply no longer enough. Consumers today are hungry for more interactive and deeper information than ever before. The need for a diverse and in-depth exposure of each property is where Homy comes into play to achieve high success rate. 

Embracing the digital age is the core of Homy’s existence. We strive to bring digital advantages to all our clients to ensure they their properties get the highest possible exposure to all potential buyers and tenants. This is made possible because of the team relentless search for new ways to market properties better.

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Our Mission and Principles

Punggol Sengkang HDB

The hidden truth behind Real Estate

It’s no secret in the eyes of many, real estate is only about sales and commission, but to us it’s more than that. It’s our participation that contribute to the evolution in every clients life for a better that we see value in. By providing values and helping each of them move through life stages in achieving their milestone they set out for themselves is where our satisfaction brings.

This is not just sales, it’s enhancing Life. Tell us your story, let us participate towards your goal and enhancing your life.

Your interest is Top Priority

We work to make sure you get the best outcome possible for any transaction. When you appoint us as your representative, your interest takes top spot, even over ours. Acting on your behalf, we make sure every detail and course of action are done as if it’s our own to the best of our ability. Of course not every deal can be a big winner but rest assure it’s definitely the best win we can achieve. Doing it right with your interest at heart is key as we believe your satisfaction comes when you achieve your goals. Your repeat business or referral later is definitely based on that.

Sengkang HDB for sale
Punggol Agent

Importance of Honesty, Trust and Integrity

Integrity means doing the right thing in the right way; it means adhering to values strongly held. Trust is a belief that someone is honest and credible; trust is earned by being honest, having a positive intent, having strong competencies, and a track record of results. We value our business and achievements as much as you value your life and assets. Working with a down to earth with no left way approach is what keep us worthy and customers coming back. There can be no compromises.

Our Area of Focus and Specialise Area

Punggol HDB Agent

Punggol – A young and fast growing estate. Let us work with you on your Punggol quest.

Sengkang HDB Agent

Sengkang – A well planned estates. Sengkang is one of the hottest estate in Singapore.

Singapore Property Agent

East of Singapore – we currently market HDB and Private properties in the whole East.

The Team and Support

Propnex AgentPropnex Realty, the largest Real Estate agency in Singapore with a sales force of more than 11,000, is the core support for Homy. The dynamic and vibrate market leading agency has a very close knitting bond within its very strong team enabling us ready to take on any real estate action.

Singapore Property AgentIn Propnex, training, case to case studies and strategy planning is what we do daily to ensure we are always operational ready. For HOMY, our resale team has concluded many private condo as well as HDB flats in Punggol, Sengkang, Tampines, Pasir Ris with constant impressive sales results. We can help you.

Training for the better Group trainings and personalise coaching are conducted on a weekly basis to ensure every team member is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform and excel in every real estate duty.
Team Bonding Team Bonding is an important aspect in SEA culture. Every gathering give every team member the opportunity to improve people's skill, share experience and learn from one another to be a better agent.
Social Responsibilities Being kind and social responsible is one of SEA priciples. Every year, we participate in events to help those in need. It is our way of saying thank you and our little effort to give back to the community.
Propnex Singapore

Looking to join Real Estate? Success depends on Mentorship.

Working with Homy

Our Partners and Associates

In our business, progress comes not only from our dedicated leaders within our company but also the support from our co-broke associates and partners.

Working together internally or externally with co-broke associates and partners gives our client an unseen advantage and exposure. Our huge network of co-broke partners allow us to grab opportunities for our clients even before advertising is done. Such cooperation not only allow us to get the best units but also ensure a smooth transaction for sellers and buyers. A big thank you to all co-broke partners who have help us in every deal. 

Let us work with you. Connect with us.

No matter you are selling, buying or as our co-broking partners, you can be sure we work with sincerity and integrity.

We are always looking for opportunity to expand our circle of work and network. We believe by working together will achieve more and bring more values and benefits to all our clients and partners.  

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