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Achieve Maximum Value with Homy. Our expert team ensures you get the highest possible price for your property, backed by unparalleled service and 100% dedication, providing a worry-free home selling journey. 

Sell Property

Sell your Property to upgrade, resize or take the opportunity to cash out? We handle selling of Private, HDB and Commercial properties.

Rent Property

We rent all types of properties. Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Making sure the right tenant is the most important aspect.

Buy Property

Buying dilemma? Tired and disappointed of searching after many viewings? Our years of experiences, will be a value to you.

Buy Property

Buying dilemma? Tired and disappointed of searching after many viewings? Our years of experiences, will be a value to you.

Sell Property

Sell your Property to upgrade, resize or take the opportunity to cash out? We handle selling of Private, HDB and Commercial properties.

Rent Property

We rent all types of properties. Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Making sure the right tenant is the most important aspect.

Sellers that uses our Service

Sell Rowell Road HDB

Cash Over Value Price

The sale of this property at such an impressive price showcases our expertise as a seller agent and our ability to unlock the full potential of a property.

Upper Serangoon View HDB Sold

Securing Opportunities

Selling a house with only one viewing is a testament to our skill set. Our astute marketing strategy undoubtedly played a pivotal role in this outstanding outcome.

Sell Punggol HDB

Pricing It Right

Our strategic pricing and effective marketing efforts undoubtedly played a crucial role in attracting interested parties and securing a favorable deal.

Sell Havelock HDB

Market Understanding

Selling the house at such an attractive price is a testament to our understanding of the market and your ability to position the property effectively.

Sell Executive Condo

Powerful Negotiator

Our diligent efforts in showcasing the property's unique qualities and negotiating skills have undoubtedly contributed to this outstanding outcome.

Landbay Condo Sold

Handling Older Condo

The transaction serves as a testament to our ability to showcase the value and possibilities of older properties, ensuring a positive outcome for both buyer and seller.

Parc-Centennial Sold by Homy

Ahead of Competition

Despite facing numerous competitors, our strategic approach and effective marketing set this property apart, capturing the attention of motivated buyers.

Your Homy360 Virtual Tour

Unlock the full potential of showcasing your property with our cutting-edge 360 virtual tour videos! Elevate your property listing to a new level of engagement and captivate potential buyers by offering them an immersive and interactive experience. Our skilled team specializes in crafting visually stunning and highly interactive virtual tours that provide viewers with a comprehensive, 360-degree exploration of your property.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impression – contact us today to discuss how we can bring your property to life through our innovative 360 virtual tour videos! Click here to see this beautiful home we sold in Emprado Suites.

Happy Clients achieving their goals

Singapore Condo
Buy Delta Ave HDB 4 room
Buy Punggol HDB 4 Room
Buy Sengkang HDB 4 Room
Rent Sengkang HDB 2-Room
Punggol HDB for Rent
Kingsford Waterbay Condo 2 Bedroom
Rent Punggol HDB

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Singapore Property Agent

Sell HDB, Condo, Landed

With a career spanning since 2007 in Singapore’s real estate landscape, I am Han Sin, also known professionally as Jerey Han Sin. My expertise covers a wide spectrum, encompassing all facets of residential resale, from HDB units to prestigious Landed properties, alongside a comprehensive understanding of developer new launches.

Buying and selling a property is one of the most important financial decisions
that we will deal with in our lives. The process can be complicated, time-consuming,
or at the very least, emotional. Of course, it is not a usual transaction that
we do all the time. And some of us have very little idea on where to start.

Sell HDB, sell condo in Singapore

There are a lot of factors and things to consider when it comes to buying
and selling properties that most buyers and sellers find too overwhelming to
deal with. More often than not, we prefer to hire a trusted property agent to
take over the task. Sell HDB, Sell Condo and Sell Landed Property is my expertise.

But when it comes to expensive and crucial property transactions, we all
want to select the best and most trusted Punggol real estate agent to market
our home. And how can we possibly find “the one” when there are thousands of
Sengkang agents who say that they are the best of the best of the best?

Well, we’ve gathered a few tips and considerations to assist you in selecting
the best Pasir ris real estate agent in Singapore to represent your property.
Read on!

So where do you actually start looking for a trusted Tampines property

Get Recommendations That sell condo in Singapore

That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? You can ask your friends, family, and even
coworkers who might have had an experience working with a property Sengkang
agent. But the tricky part is, what works well for your friend may not work
out so well for yourself. Recall the last time a friend recommended a blockbuster
movie which turned out “meh” after you watched it. Disappointing isn’t it?

So here’s what you need to do:

Be clear about what you need

Singapore real estate Agent

What type of real estate agent are you looking for? Do you need your property
to be sold fast? Or do you need an good agent who understands your property’s surroundings
very well? (amenities and living environment count towards the property’s value

When you ask for recommendations within your circle, inquire more about their
experience and ask them questions. What was it like working with this real estate
agent? Was he thorough and hands-on with the process? Does he communicate well?
Was he able to smoothly close the transaction?

Singapore top property Agent

Some real estate agents specialize in commercial properties while others
work exclusively with residential properties. Whether you’re selling your home
or looking to buy one, it is important to keep this in mind so you can narrow
down your search and easily find the right agent you’re looking for.

Find Trusted Real Estate Agents from Online Platforms that Sell

Do your research. There are plenty of online platforms where you can find
trusted agents. Two of the most popular sites in Singapore are
These sites are highly recommended for everything about real estate! Here, you
can check the agent’s online portfolio and read reviews from previous clients.
That way, you will be able to assess which among them is the right agent for
you to connect with.

Engage a Top Punggol Agent

You can opt for no-frills real estate agencies to manage the trade for you.
Companies like and
are examples of property management agencies that offer a tech-based real estate
advisory ecosystem. They provide a simple and straightforward tech solution
that can match home buyers and home sellers in the property market.

The key advantage of using is that
they only charge a 2% commission rate on the sale price of the property and provides a
smooth transaction service whether you are planning to buy, sell, or rent a
property.  You can check out their websites and see whether or not such a system
is fit for the type of transaction you’re aiming for.

Now that you know where to look for Sell HDB Resale in Sengkang agents, let’s talk
about how to select the best and trusted Pasir ris property agent.

Find Out How to Sell HDB in Punggol HDB

All property agents must be registered with the
Council for Estate Agency (CEA)
. It is a government agency in Singapore
that regulates the real estate industry in the country. When you want to check
for the real estate agent’s credentials, you can do so by going through CEA’s

Here’s what you need to do: 

Search for the agent using his/her mobile number. Next, simply go to the
CEA’s website and type the agent’s registration number in the public register.
From there, you are going to see the agent’s profile and view all necessary

You will be able to know how many years of experience the agent has and what
awards he/she has won. This is basically the first thing you need to tick off
the checklist to identify a trusted Punggol property agent.

Review Their Portfolio in Property Portals

Another effortless way of finding a trusted Punggol property agent is to
browse through online directories like
This website contains a catalog of specialist Punggol agents fit to market the
type of property you plan to sell or buy.

If you look into,
you will be able to check the property agent’s years of experience, the location
where he/she operates, as well as what type of property he/she specializes in.
How convenient, right?

Another way to find an agent’s online footprint is through Google. Simply
type their name on the search box and see what you can find. Go through the
agent’s website and social profiles like Facebook and Linkedin and check their
online reviews.

Check background

Find out what kind of projects they have engaged with, and what their systems
and processes are when it comes to marketing the properties. How they represent
themselves in their online portfolios will give you substantial information
on whether or not to consider hiring the agent. Property management is not an
easy task. That is why you need to be thorough in selecting the right person
to handle the job. So, research, research, research, and gather as much information
as you can.

“Interview” the Punggol agent

Well, you need to feel comfortable with the agent’s working style right?
There’s no better way than to meet up with the agent and ask questions about
how he/she handles the property management process.

Are you a detail-oriented person? Do you need every piece of information
to be communicated to you?
Are you a fuss-free person who prefers to focus on the outcome and
not be bothered by the details?

Find an Sengkang agent who is able to give you what you need on top of just
selling your property. (Well it’s a million-dollar transaction, you have the
right to be demanding.)

Pasir Ris Agent

don’t just settle for the first person you met. Ideally, you should pick
the top three property agent
candidates for an interview. This is a good way to check if the agent is a good
communicator and if you get along very well with them.

You know you’ve found the right agent when you throw him a bunch of questions
and he/she can provide answers and advice which gives you new perspectives to
complement your decision-making process.

You can now confidently select the right agent!

This is going to be a 6, 7, or even 8 figure transaction. While it’s easy
to leave it to the professionals, you still have to do your homework in finding
the right person to help you.

Choosing the right real estate agent is the first step to achieve a successful
property transaction. You may think it’s easy to switch an agent when things
don’t go well but consider your opportunity cost. The property market is moving
really fast currently. You’ll never know when the market is going to move against

Therefore, select an agent who has the right credentials, with rich experience,
who is a good communicator, and above all, someone whom you feel like you’re
comfortable working with to have a Pasir Ris Agent, Tampines Agent, Hougang Agent.

Punggol Property Agent

Punggol Agent

Punggol HDB, is a planning area and new town situated in the North-East Region
of Singapore. The town directly borders Sengkang to the south and shares riverine
boundaries of Seletar to the west and Pasir Ris to the east. Coney Island is
considered part of the Punggol town area.

With Punggol 21 initiative, Punggol is now a successful new residential town
that is young and vibrant. Due to the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the
financial troubles within the construction industry in 2003, the plan did not
fully materialise until 2007 when the Punggol 21-plus plan was introduced. Aim
to redevelop the area into a waterfront town.

Punggol is now divided into 11
area, namely, Coney Island, Canal District, Punggol Central District, Punggol
Field East, Punggol Field West, Punggol Downtown District, Matilda, Northshore
District, Punggol Point District, Crescent District and Waterway West District.

Top Sengkang Agent

Sengkang is a residential town located in the North-East of Singapore. The
town is the second most populous in the region, being home to approximate 250,000
residents in 2020. Sengkang shares boundaries with Seletar and Punggol in the
north, Pasir Ris and Paya Lebar in the east, Hougang and Serangoon to the south,
as well as Yishun and Ang Mo Kio to the west.

Originally a fishing village, Sengkang has undergone rapid development under
the ambition of the Housing and Development Board (HDB) to transform it into
a fully mature housing estate. Today Sengkang is broadly split in to 4 sectors.
Rivervale which consist of 100 series HDB blocks, Compassvale, the 200 series,
Anchorvale, the 300 series and lastly Fernvale which holds the 400 series HDB.

HDB Agent and Sell HDB

Sell your HDB

Find reliable HDB agent for your home buying, selling, and rentals. We are
licenced under The Council for Estate Agent CEA, a government agency that regulates
Singapore’s real estate agency industry.

Selling HDB flat

You can rely on our professional ethic and skillset to achieve your housing
needs. Sell hdb and sale of HDB. We are Punggol HDB agent, Sengkang HDB agent,
Hougang HDB agent, Tampines HDB agent, Pasir Ris HDB agent and East side agent
for private properties.

HDB Resale Singapore

If you Sell HDB Flat are the same procedure. Both of HDB for Sale
and HDB Property Agent together with real estate agent can help settle the
sales in
hdb resale portal. but is key with HDB transaction price in hdb resale portal with hdb resale
price for hdb singapore.
HDB resale transacted price in HDB Resale portal together with HDB bto and HDB mop flat. Property
agent singapore as singapore agent to find property agent.

Best HDB agent in singapore or top agent in singapore in todays housing

Punggol HDB, Sengkang HDB, Pasir Ris HDB and Tampines HDB

The Singapore realtor who is a real estate agent singapore
or a real estate broker and house agent is also a propertyguru agent. rental
real estate agent, 99home, estate agents, realtor, real estate website.

Equipped with a B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science and a Diploma in Building and Property Management, I seamlessly integrate my tech-savvy approach with my profound industry knowledge. In today’s dynamic real estate arena, I continuously strive to incorporate the latest technological advancements and market trends to provide unparalleled service.

Backed by a robust foundation of Strong Negotiation skills, extensive Experience, and innovative Marketing Strategies, I am poised to facilitate swift transactions at the most favorable prices. Selling your property has never been more assured and efficient.

Why Sell your Property with Homy


Many have appoint us in their buying or selling and achieve their goals. We have the team and experience to help you achieve yours.


We cover every aspect including timeline, financial feasibility and coordinating with potential prospect to ensure a smooth journey for you.


We have transacted many units at record speed and price. Our records sets us apart from the rest, you are getting the best.


We deploy latest trend marketing to advertise your property. Social Media, Home staging, Video marketing & etc to help sell your property fast.


Trust, integrity and honesty is our transparency to you. You can be sure working with us is having a close aide handling your properties.


Our large network of agents partners allow us to push your property further and wider to reach more potential clients. We deliver results.

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