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  • 99 YR LH


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Where Timeless Elegance Meets Urban Sophistication

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In the heart of District 15, a radiant jewel of contemporary living is poised to grace the iconic landscape of Singapore. Tembusu Grand, a residential marvel, is an exquisite tapestry of artistry and innovation, brought to life by the collaborative vision of esteemed developers CDL and MCL Land. As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a golden hue over the charming Jalan Tembusu, this upcoming 99-year leasehold development beckons to those who yearn for an extraordinary lifestyle that blends prime location, connectivity, and opulence.

Nestled within the coveted enclave of Katong, Tembusu Grand commands a prime locale that resonates with history, culture, and a vibrant coastal allure. Its four imposing blocks, standing at 20 and 21 stories tall, house an exclusive collection of 638 residential units. Ranging from intimate 1-bedroom configurations to spacious 5-bedroom layouts, these homes cater to a diverse array of lifestyles, promising a haven of comfort and luxury. Adding a note of extravagance, two resplendent 5-bedroom penthouses grace the upper echelons of this architectural masterpiece, where the skyline becomes a breathtaking canvas.

Tembusu Grand isn't just a residence; it's a testament to the future of living, a homage to innovation that reshapes every facet of daily life. The development ushers in a new era with its integration of Smart Home and Smart Community features. Embrace the future with remote access to your abode, where a touch on your mobile device adjusts the air conditioning, lighting, and even the smoke detectors. Step into the realm of convenience as the Smart Community control offers keyless access to the condominium's world-class facilities. Receive alerts about parcel deliveries and manage guest entry – all from the palm of your hand.

The allure of Tembusu Grand isn't limited to its interiors; it's an embrace of a holistic lifestyle. The development is a testament to seamless living, where every need is met with effortless ease. With a land size of 210,623 square feet, this masterful creation stands as a testament to luxury intertwined with practicality. The completion date of 31 October 2028 paints a vivid picture of the not-so-distant future, where residents will step into a realm of lavish living that transcends expectations.

Tembusu Grand, a symphony of modernity and sophistication, invites you to be a part of its narrative. It's not just a residence; it's an opportunity to invest in a life that combines heritage and innovation, comfort and convenience. This is your chance to embrace the embodiment of elegance in one of Singapore's most sought-after neighborhoods. As you step into the world of Tembusu Grand, you're not merely buying a home – you're crafting an exquisite chapter of your story within its walls. The future of refined living beckons, and it bears the name Tembusu Grand.

Location Local
Broad Region Rest of Central Region (RCR)
Country Singapore
Developer Tembusu Residential Pte. Ltd.
Expected Top 31 OCTOBER 2028
Expected Date Legal Completion 31 OCTOBER 2031
Tenure 99 YR LH
Chinese Name 莉丰嘉园
Architect ADDP Architect LLP
Project Account 044-055-0124-2
Land Size Area 210,623sqft
Payment Schemes Normal Progressive Payment Scheme
Mukim Lot No 07748M MK 25 Jalan Tembusu
Total No Units 638
  • BBQ Pavilion
  • Tennis Court
  • Wading Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Function Room
  • Pool Deck
  • Spa Pool
  • Ventilation Shaft (Level 1)
  • Playhouse
  • Observation Deck
  • Side Gate (Level 1)
  • Sub Station (Basement 1)
  • Genset (Level 1)
  • Bin Centre (Basement 1)
  • Arrival Courtyard
  • 50m Infinity Lap Pool
  • Guard House
  • Entertainment Room
  • Yoga Studio
  • Pool Lounge
  • Water Cascade
  • Swing Garden
  • Garden Courtyard
  • Garden Cabana
  • Gourmet Pavilion
  • Lounge Deck
  • Play Dome
  • Water Courtyard
  • Meditation Deck
  • Leisure Lawn
  • Karaoke Pod
  • Gaming Pod
  • Private Dining
  • Serenity Walk
  • Tropical Garden
  • Terrace Garden
  • Garden Pavilion
  • Water Lily Courtyard
  • Relaxing Pool
  • Changing Room (With Steam Room)
  • Kids' Playroom
  • Garden Lounge
  • Herbs Garden
  • Arrival Sculpture
  • Arrival Water Cascade
  • Residential Services Counter
  • Scent Garden
  • Serenity Lawn
  • Serenity Deck
  • Serenity Garden
  • Pets Corner
  • Co-working Lounge
Unit Type No. of Units Floor Area (sqm) Floor Area (sqft)
1 Bedroom + Study 117 49 - 60 527 - 646
2 Bedroom 81 62 - 77 667 - 829
2 Bedroom + Study 119 69 - 82 743 - 883
3 Bedroom 79 92 - 110 990 - 1,184
3 Bedroom + Study 121 109 - 130 1,173 - 1,399
4 Bedroom 81 133 - 149 1,432 - 1,604
5 Bedroom 38 159 1,711
Penthouse 2 250 2,691
Total Units 638

Where Location Paints a Portrait of Luxury

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Jalan Tembusu, a street lined with stories of past and possibilities of the future, Tembusu Grand rises as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the heart of District 15, Singapore.

This location, like a canvas brushed with the hues of coastal living, unfolds a captivating view of the nearby beachside. The gentle whispers of the sea echo in the distance, painting a serene portrait that soothes the senses. Imagine strolling along the sandy shores, the sea breeze brushing against your skin, and the waves serenading your thoughts. This beauty, a unique facet of the location, effortlessly integrates the tranquility of coastal living into the modern urban fabric.

Within a mere 500-meter radius, a world of conveniences unfurls. The vibrancy of Katong comes alive, beckoning you to explore its rich heritage and contemporary charms. From your doorstep, a colorful tapestry of eateries invites your palate to a delightful journey. Quaint cafes, each with its own story, offer a diverse range of cuisines that tell tales of cultures near and far. Shophouses adorned in vibrant hues house boutique shops, where you can indulge in retail therapy with a touch of nostalgia.

The vicinity pulsates with life, yet also embraces serenity. The lure of Parkway Parade Mall, a prominent shopping destination, lies just a leisurely stroll away. The allure of both global brands and unique boutiques is at your fingertips, making every shopping expedition an experience of discovery.

Connectivity is more than just convenience; it's a gateway to the city's heart. The strategic location near major expressways like Nicoll Highway, Pan Island Expressway (PIE), and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) allows you to navigate the urban landscape with ease. In just moments, the city's pulse is within reach, inviting you to experience its dynamic energy.

For families with an eye on education, this location holds a treasure trove. Renowned schools like Chij Katong Convent, Tao Nan School, and Haig Girls' School stand as pillars of knowledge, nurturing young minds within a 1km radius.

Transportation transcends mere connectivity, becoming an artful conduit to your desires. The proximity to Amber Station and Marine Parade Station empowers your daily journey, while the nearby beachside road offers leisurely drives that soothe the soul.

Tembusu Grand's allure as a place to invest or find your own haven is irrefutable. The unique blend of heritage charm and modern allure offers residents the chance to savor the best of both worlds. It's a location where history mingles with progress, where each day is an opportunity to craft memories amidst the backdrop of a coastal paradise.

Embrace the exuberance of Katong, indulge in the splendor of coastal living, and create a legacy of sophistication and comfort. With every step you take along Jalan Tembusu, the promise of a life well-lived unfolds before you. This is more than just a location; it's an invitation to make your mark on a canvas that's both timeless and contemporary.

MRT Station
  • Amber MRT
  • Dakota MRT
  • Marine Parade MRT
  • Paya Lebar MRT
  • Katong Park MRT
  • Mountbatten MRT
  • Eunos MRT
  • Aljunied MRT
  • Shaws Cdlc @ Katong Private Limited
  • Shaws Cdlc @ Mountbatten Pte. Ltd.
  • Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Shaws Cdlc @ Mountbatten Pte Ltd
  • Zee Schoolhouse Pte Ltd
Primary School
  • Tanjong Katong Primary School
  • Haig Girls' School
  • Kong Hwa School
  • Chij (katong) Primary
  • Tao Nan School
  • Geylang Methodist School (primary)
Secondary School
  • Tanjong Katong Girls' School
  • Tanjong Katong Secondary School
  • Chung Cheng High School (main)
  • Broadrick Secondary School
  • Dunman High School
Post Secondary School
  • Dunman High School
Community Clubs
  • Joo Chiat Cc
  • Mountbatten Cc (new Cc-uc)
  • Geylang Serai Cc (located In Wisma Geylang Serai)
  • Marine Parade Public Library
  • The Llibrary
  • Geylang East Public Library
Hawker Centers
  • Dunman Food Centre
  • Parkway Mini Steamboat
  • Al-zamas 456
  • Hotpot Heroes
  • Little Ice Cream Cafe
  • My Kitchen
  • Domino Pizza
  • Ah Hoe Noodle House Pte Ltd
  • Eng's Char Siew Wantan Mee
Shopping Malls
  • Katong Shopping Centre
  • Odeon Katong Shopping Complex
  • Katong V
  • Katong Plaza
  • Katong Square
  • Lee Yee Heng Trading Co
  • Mui Hong Enterprises
  • Fairprice Finest
  • Bajaj Fashions
  • Katong Market Place
  • Espirito Santo-latin Deli & Butchery
Convenience Stores
  • 7-eleven
  • 7-eleven
  • 7-eleven
  • 7-eleven
  • Western Eyecare Centre Pte Ltd
  • Jamco Optical & Trading Co
  • Sintat Optical Centre
  • Southern Optical House
  • Pioneer Eyecare Centre
  • Guardian Pharmacy (katong Mall)
  • Unity By Fairprice (okm)
  • Guardian Pharmacy (parkway Parade)
  • Watson's Personal Care Stores Pte Ltd (parkway Parade)
  • Unity By Fairprice (mp)
  • Singhealth Poly - Marine Parade
Clinics & Dental
  • Glee! Dental Surgery (katong)
  • Ods Dental Surgery (katong)
  • Gentle Dental Group @ Tanjong Katong Pte. Ltd.
  • East Coast Clinic & Surgery For Women
  • Katong Family Clinic Pte Ltd
  • Assurance Medicare Clinic And Surgery
  • Vincent's Dental Surgery
  • Dental Clinic
  • Parkway East Hospital
  • Haig Walk (geylang Rd-dunman Rd)
  • Ceylon Road Interim Park
  • Tanjong Katong Rd South Pg
  • Haig Walk Extension
  • Onan Road Green Space

Unveil a world where luxury and leisure converge at TEMUBUSU GRAND's exclusive facilities. Imagine basking in the shimmering embrace of a 50-meter swimming pool, a jewel-toned oasis of aquatic serenity. Indulge your culinary cravings at the state-of-the-art BBQ pits, where flavors come alive amidst a backdrop of conviviality. Engage in spirited matches on the tennis court, where skill and camaraderie meet under the open skies.

Step into the clubhouse, a haven of elegance, offering a versatile function room for your gatherings. The children's playground transforms laughter into memories, and the sun deck is your sanctuary for relaxation. The indoor gym stands ready to propel your wellness journey amidst a backdrop of sophistication. TEMUBUSU GRAND's facilities redefine leisure, ensuring every moment is steeped in opulence and indulgence.

  • TYPE A1S / A1S(d) / A1S(p) / A2S
  • TYPE B1 / B1(d) / B1(p)
  • TYPE B2S / B2S(d) / B2S(p)
  • TYPE C1 / C1(d) / C1(p)
  • TYPE C2S / C2S(d) / C2S(p)
  • TYPE D1 / D1(d) / D1(p)
  • TYPE E1 / E1(p)
TYPE Bedroom Size(sqft) Floor Plan
1 Bedroom + Study 527 View >
1 Bedroom + Study 646 View >
1 Bedroom + Study 527 View >
1 Bedroom + Study 527 View >
2 Bedroom 667 View >
2 Bedroom 829 View >
2 Bedroom 667 View >
2 Bedroom + Study 743 View >
2 Bedroom + Study 883 View >
2 Bedroom + Study 743 View >
3 Bedroom 990 View >
3 Bedroom 1,184 View >
3 Bedroom 990 View >
3 Bedroom + Study 1,173 View >
3 Bedroom + Study 1,399 View >
3 Bedroom + Study 1,173 View >
4 Bedroom 1,432 View >
4 Bedroom 1,604 View >
4 Bedroom 1,432 View >
5 Bedroom 1,711 View >
5 Bedroom 1,711 View >
Penthouse 2,691 View >
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Unique Features and Advantages of Tembusu Grand

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  • Prime Location: Situated in the prestigious District 15, TEMBUSU GRAND offers a coveted address that blends heritage charm with modern convenience.
  • Coastal Living: Enjoy the allure of coastal living, with the soothing sea breeze and stunning beachside view just steps away from your doorstep.
  • Heritage and Modern Blend: Experience the best of both worlds as the condo nestles amidst the vibrant cultural heritage of Katong while providing contemporary comforts.
  • Proximity to Schools: Renowned schools like Chij Katong Convent, Tao Nan School, and Haig Girls' School are within a 1km radius, ensuring quality education for families.
  • Excellent Connectivity: Two MRT stations, Amber Station and Marine Parade Station, are within 1km, offering seamless access to downtown and major business districts.
  • Convenient Expressways: With Nicoll Highway, PIE, and KPE nearby, you're effortlessly connected to the city's main expressways, making travel a breeze.
  • Retail Delight: Parkway Parade Mall, mere minutes away, provides a diverse range of shopping options, from global brands to unique boutiques.
  • Gastronomic Haven: The nearby eateries, cafes, and restaurants in Katong present a tantalizing array of culinary experiences, from local delights to international cuisines.
  • Amenities at Your Fingertips: Within a 500m radius, a multitude of amenities await, offering convenience for daily needs and leisure activities.
  • Leisure and Nature: Proximity to the beach and beachside road ensures leisurely walks, runs, and relaxation by the sea, creating a serene escape from urban life.
  • Investment Potential: District 15's popularity as a desirable residential area promises strong appreciation, making TEMBUSU GRAND a compelling investment opportunity.
  • Limited Supply: With 638 units spread across a substantial land size, exclusivity is ensured, enhancing the potential for future value appreciation.
  • Smart Home Features: The development offers Smart Home and Smart Community features, allowing residents to control appliances and access facilities remotely.
  • Keyless Convenience: The Smart Community feature enables keyless access to condo facilities, package delivery alerts, and guest entry management via mobile devices.
  • Rental Demand: Proximity to MRT stations, schools, and the beach increases TEMBUSU GRAND's appeal to high-profile tenants, ensuring attractive rental yields.
  • With its unique blend of heritage, modernity, convenience, and investment potential, TEMBUSU GRAND stands as an exceptional choice for those seeking a balanced, upscale lifestyle in a highly sought-after location.

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Where is Tembusu Grand located?
Tembusu Grand is location along JALAN TEMBUSU Singapore D15 - KATONG, JOO CHIAT, AMBER ROAD area. See Tembusu Grand location and map here.
I would like to view Tembusu Grand showflat? Who should I contact?
Please call +65 6610 4527 or +65 8800 9441 to arrange for viewing. Check out Tembusu Grand full details here.
Must I make appointment to visit Tembusu Grand showflat?
Yes you will need to make an appointment to view Tembusu Grand showflat. Our sales representative will await your arrival. Please call +65 6610 4527 or +65 8800 9441 to arrange for viewing. Check out Tembusu Grand full details here.
Where is TEMBUSU GRAND showflat located?
To have Tembusu Grand showflat location, please contact +65 6610 4527 or +65 8800 9441. Check out Tembusu Grand full details here.
Who is the developer for Tembusu Grand?
Tembusu Grand is developed by Tembusu Residential Pte. Ltd.. Check out Tembusu Grand developer and full details here.
When is Tembusu Grand expected to TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit)?
Tembusu Grand estimate to TOP on 31 OCTOBER 2028. Check out Tembusu Grand TOP and full details here.
What the tenure for Tembusu Grand?
Tembusu Grand is a 99 yr lh project. Check out Tembusu Grand and full details here.
What is Tembusu Grand Chinese Name?
Tembusu Grand chinese name is 莉丰嘉园. See 莉丰嘉园 chinese details here.
What is the land size for Tembusu Grand?
Tembusu Grand has a land size of 210,623sqft. Check out Tembusu Grand floorplans and full details here.
How many units are there in Tembusu Grand?
Tembusu Grand will have 638 units. Check out Tembusu Grand floorplans and full details here.

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